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Here She IS!

I have heard it said that when we look at a painting by an artist, we see more than what meets the eye. We see feelings, thoughts, years of practicing and discovery, we see hints toward the mentors, and the pain and redirection of constructive criticism, we see a view of things through eyes that are actually and maybe unknowingly, imitating the great Creator. There is so much more that has gone on than slapping paint on a canvas.

So it is with writing, illustrating and self-publishing a children

For Children-Coloring Page #1

A giant pelican!
Author Bob Morris

I love children, art and serving Jesus. I think that’s why I became a Christian children’s book illustrator.
I am a pastor’s wife, and the mom of four grown children. I have always loved to draw but it took me a while to figure out how to serve the Lord with my art. When we started serving at a small church in New England, and my kids got old enough to not need me quite so much, I had time to do art and was given the great idea of doing illustrations.
This color page is a scene from