LOH Bible Study

A Bible Study held in Craig and Kim’s home, on Tuesdays at 2pm, and Fridays at 7pm. Bring a Bible, pen and notebook. All other materials will be provided. (Perhaps even some refreshments!)

Going deeper? The Bible stands as the Word of God to a world hungry for answers, thirsty for truth and excited to live for the Lord. Come grow in Christ with us. Clear the air, plunge the depths and enjoy the wonderful cleansing journey in God’s Word.

We will begin with a study of the most fascinating individual in history as we come to love, even more, Jesus…In the Life of Christ.
How did Jesus deal with joy, love, pain, family, friends and those who opposed Him?


Recorded Sermons by Pastor Craig Merritt

Craig Merritt fishing on a dock

Extensive Teaching on Zechariah

Zechariah 1:1 Intro

Zechariah 1:2-6

Zechariah 1:7-21

Zechariah 2:1-13

Zechariah 3:1-10


By His Merritt Podcast-





One Another Series

This sermon series is on the “One Another” verses found in the New Testament.

  • One Another Sermon I (Listen)
  • One Another Sermon II (Listen)

The Book of Jeremiah Series

  • “Jesus Christ the Perfect King” – Jeremiah 23: 1-8 (Listen)
    • 1. The King is a Shepherd (1,2)
    • 2. The King is Chosen By God (3,4)
    • 3. The King is Our Righteousness (5,6)
    • 4. The King is the Lord (7,8)
  • “The False Prophets Are Judged” – Jeremiah 23:9-22 (Listen)
    • 1. The Profane Prophet (9-12)
    • 2. The Foolish Prophet (13-15)
    • 3. The Vain Prophet (16-22)
  • “Understanding the Character of God” – Jeremiah 23:23-40 (Listen)
    • 1. God is Aware, He Knows All Things (23-27)
    • 2. God is All Powerful (28-32)
    • 3. God’s Word is Holy (33-40)

Single Sermons

Craig’s Expository Preaching – VBS 2015

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