More Than Just Broken

I am so thankful that my husband and I have each other to talk to about the big things. About the state of the world we live in and how we need to filter it through what scripture says. Sometimes he will say something that sticks in my head, and I chew on it for days.

During one of those discussions, we were talking about how sin isn’t seen as sin anymore. We remember even in our youth, that there was an awareness that certain things were sinful, and if one chose to run toward those things, there would be some condemnation and some concern for that person. Back then, perhaps the Bible was still generally upheld as a moral book, and that there was standards to live up to, and if not, then sin will cause self destruction. Today, our culture believes that many of the things that would have been frowned upon, are to be celebrated, and frowning upon that sin is much more sinful. An example I have seen in my life time is “living together”. When I was a kid, people who lived together rather than marry, was seen as something not right. Yeah, people did it, but most shook their heads about it. Today, living together is seen as a good way to try out a relationship. After all, sex before marriage has become the norm. There is no thought at all about what God’s Word says. Infact, even in church, to be gracious, we just don’t to upset anyone and point out sin. That is seen as sinful. Even though the most loving thing we can do is speak the truth, and I wonder how the Holy Spirit is to use us to restrain evil, if we aren’t teaching the Word, even if it exposes and hurts.
Craig reminded me that one of the worst things that has happened is this “We are broken” statement, standing in the place of “We are sinners”. We are lead to believe we are just a little broken, a little flawed, and that if we try hard we can fix it up little by little. We are told that we are all broken, so we need to be understanding, to sympathize. Yes, this is all true. But, it doesn’t go far enough to tell the real truth about our human state. The truth is we are dead in our sin.

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