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Hot Glue, Burnt Scrolls, Gold Paint

In my quiet time today, I read in Jeremiah 36 that he called Baruch to write on a scroll the words that the Lord had spoken to him. I imagine Baruch listening closely to Jeremiah as he recited the things God had said, knowing that these prophecies from the Lord were precious, holy and so very important. Baruch must have thought it such a task, such a privilege and honor, to be asked to be the scribe, and I know he was probably striving to do his very best and most precise work.

Are there moments in my life, where I can say I feel commissioned by the Lord to do a certain thing? As an artist, I am often commissioned to paint a dog that passed away, or a loved ones portrait. There is a pressure to please that client, and it sits heavily on me the entire time I am working. I do not feel a freedom to be creative, and I don