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Prepare Me a Table

Is God’s Word active and alive as it says in Hebrews 4:12? Yes it is.

Prepare Me A Table

When you are going through a major ordeal, and six friends who do not even know each other, all send you the same verse, it is time to pay attention.
I never really had paid attention to Psalm 23, thinking it just for funerals, I shrugged it off. Especially the part about the Lord preparing a table in the presence of my enemies. I didn’t have any enemies like the author of the song, King David. No one was trying to hit me with a Javelin, so I thought that section was only for people who had real wars going on.
Then the Cancer/Rejection season manifested itself here in 2019, and while I dealt with treatments and emotions, I watched in horror as a whole bunch of enemies realized it would be the perfect time to attack. Okay, so they didn’t have javelins, or as one observant said,